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Derek Melton is a part-time blacksmith & bladesmith who calls Clinton, Mississippi home. Derek has been working with wood and metal for most of his life and has been making knives and other items from metal since 1999. Blessed with the ability, desire and opportunity to make things with his hands, Derek is constantly searching for new ways to use his talents as a Mississippi craftsman. Derek has taken numerous classes and studied with several blacksmithing instructors over the years.  Having a love for the forged blade and a keen eye for detail Derek took his skills to Television in 2018 and appeared on an episode of the hit History Channel show “Forged in Fire” where he competed for and won the title of ‘Forged in Fire Champion’ on episode 21 of Season 5. Derek currently serves as the webmaster and secretary on the board of the Mississippi Forge Council (MFC) and can often be found demonstrating blacksmithing in the MFC’s McIntosh Blacksmith shop on the grounds of the Mississippi Agricultural Museum in Jackson, Mississippi. Each item for sale in the online store is hand-made by Derek,  unique and made to order. Derek’s current makers mark is simply his name “Melton” with an elongated and stylized “t” which represents his faith in Christ.   Questions for Derek? Contact him here.